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With more than 450 projects, IDCA 3D wallpaper founded by Jabali brothers and directed by Jean Jabali is a 3D wallpapers company with an architecture and interior design background and expertise.

IDCA aims to lead the custom printed wallpapers and create transformative wallpaper designs that work in synchronicity with every residential or commercial space.

Our innovative 3D wallpapers are based on the depth that ads a 3D illusion to a wall and changes the feel of the whole space by giving it life. The last few years were well spent to develop the best quality and high standards in terms of design, execution and service so you can be assured that your project is completed with the highest standards.

Our team of designers & artists offers the flexibility to build your custom wallpaper design from scratch using the high technology to transform your concept to reality, to create your unique environment and let you live your own experience the way you want it to be.



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We worked hard to be able to make it easy for you to buy the wallpaper of your choice and install yourself at home. It’s as simple as taking the correct measurements (following the guide provided in this link), choosing the preferred wallpaper from our collections, selecting the right size and making your order online. The wallpaper will be shipped to you and you’ll receive a detailed pdf file that explains a step by step guide that makes the installation easier than ever. In case you feel that you need our help you can contact us anytime or ask us to install it for you for an affordable fee if you are located in Montreal and its suburbs.

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Our team of designers and artists work non-stop to provide you with the latest trends and styles so that you can absolutely find the wallpaper that matches your taste and space. You can place an order, pick the right size and and we’ll ship it to you. Our team also offers the flexibility to build custom-made wallpaper designs from scratch to transform the concept you have in mind to a reality and let you live your own experience the way you want it to be. If you have any question about the material, the online orders process, customizing a design for you or the installation process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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